Eyecast Is The Most Complete Cloud-Based Video Surveilance Solution

Access Anywhere

Access your cameras and stored videos anywhere online from any device. Stored and live video can be watched from any computer browser using the Eyecast Video Retrieval Client or from iPhones, iPads, and Android devices as long as they have an internet connection.

EZ to Use

Eyecast Cloud Service is simple to install and simple to use. You plug it in and it just works whether it is 1 camera or 100,000 cameras at 500 locations. Everything auto-configures once it is plugged in. Also, our customers have the ability to take manual control of camera and user access configurations if he so chooses through Eyecast’s powerful cloud management system.

All Cameras

Supports both IP and Analog Cameras. Plus Eyecast sells IP cameras that will run in 720p, 1080p, and even higher resolutions (4K ready) for under $150 each with state of the art, top of the line Sony IMX camera module technology providing the ‘best in industry’ quality images stored in the cloud.

More Features Than Any Other Cloud Solution

Always On, Always Steaming all Video, Always Available

Best In Class Access Security, Failsafe Systems, Redundancy

Built-in Problem Reporting – Alarms/Camera, Network And Server Health Checks With Notification To Customers As Well As To Management Systems And Eyecast Network Operations Center.

Self Healing – Local storage in case of short term network outages


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