Eyecast Advantages

  • No Remote DVRs/NVRs for IT Staff to Manage

  • Massively Scalable for Large Multi-Site Deployments

  • Never Lose Critical Video, Always On and Accessible

  • Easy to Use DIY Service, Management and Retrieval

  • Simple and Feature Rich Export and Archive Functions

  • Access to Video is from Cloud, not Limited to DVR site

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership than DVRs and NVRs

  • Evergreen – Eyecast Provides Free Technology Upgrades

Compare Eyecast To DVRs and NVRs

Eyecast Cloud Video Surveillance solution has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to Local DVR/NVR based solutions for a variety of reasons.  DVR/NVRs can be complicated to use and often require support from IT professionals even for the most rudimentary functions such as retrieving video.  By comparison, retrieving video, exporting and emailing video clips is so simple and intuitive with Eyecast that any end user can perform these functions without professional IT assistance.  The following bullets highlight some of the many benefits of Eyecast that don’t exists with DVRs and NVRs.

Eyecast is a Fully Managed Service

  • Camera and cabling vandalism; failure detection and notification even when Internet connection is lost
  • Recording failure detection and notification
  • Power failure detection and notification
  • 100% service availability in Cloud; fully redundant network architecture guaranteed with SLAs

Eyecast is Optimized for the Cloud

  • Adapts for Internet congestion and self-healing around failure scenarios
  • Simple remote access anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Unlimited storage with long term archive support
  • The Eyecast Video Storage Vault multi-level security is the most secure solution in the market

Low Cost to Operate

  • Easy to retrieve, view, and export video for any skill level of user
  • Easy for users, operators, and IT staff to support, scale & deploy
  • No user training required for Eyecast Solution due to simplicity

High Reliability and Uses 1/10th of the Electric Power at Customer Site

  • Less prone to equipment failure with Solid State components on site
  • No DVR hard drives to fail and replace every 2-3 years (based on average duty cycle for DVR/NVR disks)
  • With low cost UPS, Eyecast service operates over 1 hour after power failure vs. 8 minutes with a DVR/NVR
  • Accidental Video Deletion will Never Happen with Eyecast

Eyecast Offers Superior Loss Prevention

  • DVRs/NVRs can be stolen or defeated easily
  • Eyecast delivers highest quality still image video (better image quality than H.264/MPEG4/JPEG)
  • Eyecast video is tamperproof and secure so it can be used for evidentiary purposes; DVR/NVR stored video cannot


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