Eyecast Cloud Video Surveillance

Storage Durations

We have standard storage intervals of 7, 14, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 365 days as well as custom storage intervals in case a customer wants something in between, smaller or larger.

There is no limit to the number of years of storage duration.

Private Cloud

We do not use riskier public cloud providers where your video data and application are running on the same computer hardware as the overseas hackers! In addition to the obvious security benefits. Eyecast Private Cloud Architecture makes it impossible to get hit with a denial of service cyber attack.


All Eyecast customers have the ability to copy critical video streams from their subscription storage period to Eyecast’s permanent Archives. The Archives are never deleted unless a customer chooses to do so or cancels their service.

This is a free service for all Eyecast customers

Failsafe Storage

Unlike DVRs and NVRs that are notorious for losing critical Video due to failed disk drives, Eyecast NEVER loses Video recordings because of its overly Redundant and Self Healing architecture.

Evidentiary Video

Eyecast Archived video can be used for evidentiary purposes in Court since Eyecast as a 3rd party can prove chain of custody for all Archived video. From capture to delivery 100% data integrity.

Eyecast Customers can also have Eyecast create USB flash drives or CD/DVDs with critical video and have it sent to whoever, wherever.

All Eyecast customers can also export any critical video streams and email the link to the exported video to anyone with an email address. We offer a broad range of video export features. This is a free service for all Eyecast customers.

100% always available Cloud Security – Military Grade

All Eyecast storage uses mirrored disks on all systems as well as one for N redundancy at a system level for all Eyecast Cloud Video Surveillance Network Elements – not just storage devices. This includes web access layer for retrieval, Archive Services, Network Management Services, Export Services, etc.

BARC – Bandwidth Adaptive Rate Control

A Patent Pending technology invented by Eyecast to ensure that during network congestion or an intermittent drop in Internet speed, no video is lost. The Eyecast systems (cameras and servers both) automatically adjust to the available bandwidth.

$10 Per Month Per Camera Stream

This is the average subscription price our customers pay for our cloud service with full streaming. This is ALL IN per stream on average – there are no extra charges. This compares to an average of over $30 per month for FULL STREAMING from all of our competitors. Eyecast competitors will advertise prices lower than $30/month, however, read the fine print and find out that is for video clips based on motion only or for very short durations; not full streaming all the time for 30 days of storage.

Eyecast Provides Free Technology Upgrades at No Cost When They Become Available


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