Miami, FL March 24, 2010 – Eyecast (formerly OCP), a global leader in cloud-based video surveillance, today announced its participation in the ng Connect Program, the multi-industry initiative which will drive the development of next generation broadband services based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) and other ultra high bandwidth technologies.

OCP signed a collaboration agreement with Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) to integrate LTE hardware into OCP’s video encoder product line called the Terminator. OCP’s Terminator model T-400, a 4-port JPEG2000 based video encoder, will be the first such product to integrate Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE technology into a video encoder. This will enable OCP’s customers to bypass many of the existing limitations imposed by landline based broadband services and use ultra high bandwidth in the sky for delivering video surveillance feeds into its video storage vaults. The collaboration agreement signed between the two companies extends beyond hardware and software development and includes joint sales and marketing efforts.

“We are excited to have been selected as a member of a new ecosystem for emerging ultra-high bandwidth consuming applications by Alcatel-Lucent and the other NG Connect partners. OCP has built the foundation for the first carrier class, massively scalable video surveillance technology in order to bring Video Surveillance as a Service to the mass markets. As an NG-Connect member, we will now be able to evolve from traditional broadband and 3G wireless network infrastructures to the ultra high bandwidth world of 4G/LTE wireless thanks to Alcatel-Lucent. We believe this combination will drive enormous market opportunity for our application services as well as enable new abilities to incorporate intelligence into the network infrastructure far beyond what we imagined in the world of 3G.” – John DuBois, CEO, Eyecast (formerly OCP)

The ng Connect Program is a multi-industry organization committed to the development and rapid deployment of the next generation of broadband services based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) and other ultra high bandwidth technologies. Founded in 2009, the ng Connect Program is supported by leading network, consumer electronics, application and content providers including 4DK, Alcatel-Lucent, Atlantic Records, BUZZMEDIA, chumby, Connect2Media, Creative Technology Ltd., dimedis, FISHLABS, GameStreamer, Inc., Gemalto, HP, Intamac Systems Ltd., Kabillion, Kyocera Communications Inc., LearningMate, MediaTile, Optical Crime Prevention, Inc., QNX, R360, RebelVox LLC., Samsung, SIGNEXX, Total Immersion, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., TuneWiki, V-Gate and Words & Numbers. For more information on the ng Connect Program, please visit:

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