Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 30, 2008 – Eyecast (formerly OCP) today announced a new round of equity funding for the Company. OCP is a service provider of Internet hosted video surveillance technology for residential and business customers initially in the Miami metropolitan area. OCP will use the new capital to fund continuing hardware and software development for next generation encoder, server and network management technology.

“Despite being in the midst of the worst credit crisis in the last eight decades, our ‘A’ round funding was fully subscribed, on time, and as planned” said John DuBois, CEO. “This is a remarkable achievement, especially since the new equity capital was raised from private investors during a time when most investors were liquidating equities and moving their funds into U.S. Treasuries in pursuit of a ‘flight to quality’. Raising equity capital in the millions of dollars from direct private investors during this period is a tremendous achievement for any company and I believe it says a lot about our company.”

About Eyecast
Based in Sunrise, Florida, Eyecast is a global leader in cloud-based video surveillance. The Company is a wholesale service provider of cloud-based video surveillance that develops and manufactures its own proprietary hardware and software systems for internal consumption. To learn more about Eyecast, visit the company’s web site at