Sunrise, FL February 2, 2012 – Eyecast, a global leader in cloud-based video surveillance, released its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application for the Eyecast mobile video retrieval service. The application is called “iCast In Motion”. Anyone with an iTunes account can download the application from the Apple Store; it is available at a cost of $17.99. An iTunes account can be set up by going to 

The application enables users of the Eyecast Cloud Video Surveillance Service to access live video, playback video, save video segments to the device, export video segments and archive video segments. Key application features include 

  • Secure login access to the cloud servers
  • Live or playback video viewing of up to 4 cameras at a time, with access to multiple cameras in multiple locations with dynamic camera selection
  • Comprehensive playback controls for video stored in the cloud or on the local device
  • Camera Group creation and edit
  • Camera Name creation and edit
  • Save video segments to local iPhone or iPad for later viewing
  • Export video to the subscriber’s email (so it can be distributed to other interested parties)

To Download 
On your iPhone: 1) Click on the blue icon that says “App Store”. 2) On the bottom of the iPhone, click on “Search”. 3) Enter “Eyecast” in the search box. 4) Click on the application named “iCast In Motion” and purchase it. The application will then download onto your iPhone. 

About Eyecast
Based in Sunrise, Florida, Eyecast is a global leader in cloud-based video surveillance. The Company is a wholesale service provider of cloud-based video surveillance that develops and manufactures its own proprietary hardware and software systems for internal consumption. To learn more about Eyecast, visit the company’s web site at