Sunrise, FL April 30, 2018 – Earlier this month Eyecast experienced its second service outage in the last 10 years. This was a partial service outage effecting only 22% of Eyecast customers. The outage was a result of a software logic error in the way redundancy was being handled by one of the Eyecast subsystems. Director of Engineering, Tom Zhou said “the problem was corrected within hours of the problem being identified and the “fix” was deployed throughout the entire network immediately.” It is believed that this problem can never occur again and the redundancy architecture of the Eyecast network now is bullet proof according to Mr. Zhou. Since inception, Eyecast has provided well over 99.9% service availability to its customers. “These numbers are second to none in the industry for video surveillance service” said Eyecast Chief Technology Officer Suhail Nanji.

About Eyecast
Based in Sunrise, Florida, Eyecast is a global leader in cloud-based video surveillance. The Company is a wholesale service provider of cloud-based video surveillance that develops and manufactures its own proprietary hardware and software systems for internal consumption. To learn more about Eyecast, visit the company’s web site at